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Parish Finances

The parish depends on contribution from the community to maintain church buildings, grounds and services.
To make an online contribution you can go to the Meath Diocesan Website and select the Parish and make a donation there which will come back to the parish.
Alternatively, you can contribute directly to either of the four parish accounts using the Bank details below: –

Ballymore / Boher BIC: BOFIIE2D IBAN IE41 BOFI 9017 8111 3526 26
Drumraney BIC: BOFIIE2D IBAN IE61 BOFI 9017 8111 3487 74
Tang BIC: BOFIIE2D IBAN IE85 BOFI 9016 4230 5473 65
Forgney BIC: BOFIIE2D IBAN IE89 BOFI 9016 4221 5689 73

Thank you.

Fr Oliver Blessed Forgney and Cloncallow Cemeteries before Cemetery Mass this Saturday Evening at 6.15pm.

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Fr Oliver blessed Ballymore and St Owens Cemeteries ahead of Cemetery Sunday Mass in Ballymore.

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Fr Oliver Blessed Killare and Boher Cemeteries ahead of this weekends Mass.

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Fr Oliver Blessed the two cemeteries in Drumraney ahead of this weeks Mass.

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Fr Oliver Blessed the cemeteries in Tang.

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Local History kindly sent to use by Carmel Egan.